The following case studies are a compilation of common problems that many homeowners encounter. I can provide any of these common repair and installation services in your home to make your home a safer, more functional and more enjoyable place to live.

Repairing leaky bathtub and shower tile surround

Problem: A common problem in homes is water from a shower or a bathtub leaking onto the ceiling that is directly below. Once you have ruled out any plumbing issue, cracked or missing grout is the usual culprit. Over time, water can migrate through open grout joints, get behind the wall and leak down onto the ceiling below, causing an unsightly stain, damage to the ceiling and risk of electrical problems. 

Solution: Applying caulking compound to wall corners and where the tile surround meets the top of the bathtub or shower floor should alleviate the problem. It is always a good idea to apply caulking compound to where the mixing valve cover and the waterspout make contact with the wall.

The benefits of a good storm door

Problem: A recurring statement that is made by homeowners is that their foyer is uncomfortably cold in the winter. An inexpensive or worn out storm door, or no storm door at all can only make the situation worse.

Solution: A good storm door is your first barrier to the weather, hot or cold, by creating an insulating air pocket.

Installing a storm door offers appealing benefits for different homes. For example:

  • At one home, I was able to reverse the swing of the door so that it would open away from the strong prevailing winds that nearly blew the original storm door off its hinges.

  • At the entry of a split-level home, installing a storm door where there was no existing storm door eliminated cold air from infiltrating down to the lower level.

  • A full view storm was particularly appealing to another homeowner that had an older more ornate door, offering protection from the elements and additional insulation.

Ducting solution for safety, efficiency and bonus space

- As told by Stephen M.

We hired Bill for a few projects that were not easy projects. He solved several problems for us, including a jaw-dropping ducting situation.

Problem: The dryer vent was a corrugated snake that went behind the dryer, through a wall, through a crawl space, then outside next to the front door. It looked like a giant python! It was a ridiculous maze of corrugated tubing, about twice the length it should have been. Bill said, “Let me figure this out…” There he was, in a crawl space down on his hands and knees with kneepads on.

Solution: He ended up using ducting that is an aluminum tube with a smooth inside so lint won’t get caught anymore. He suspended the new ducting from the overhead floor joists, so it has a straight line and a shorter run.

The result is both safer and more efficient. The dryer takes about half the time it did, which saves money and energy. We also gained a tremendous amount of usable space; we can now use the crawl space as storage, which we couldn’t use before. It’s just a work of art!


Before and After